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Product Details

Product Details

The first, oldest and a brand trusted by a huge customer base. UNNATI has its legacy way back from many of years when it was launched and has been the first choice for its customers. UNNATI brand caters to the economical range of products such as UNNATI Detrgent Powder, UNNATI Cake, UNNATI Bartan Bar, UNNATI Dish Wash Tub and has gained its position in the market by the quality it serves.

A powerful detergent powder with excellent results over general cuff and collar stains. It is basically meant for bucket wash and hence it has anti redeposition qualities to overcome the disadvantages of bucket wash. It protects the clothes from redeposition of dirt once they are washed off. It is available in various standard packs and sizes. Variant of UNNATI Detergent Cake. A very useful and effective Detergent Cake in popular segment.

It is highly effective in washing clothes with very less efforts. This Detergent Cake has grown multiple folds in a very short span of time.

Unnati Industries Philosophy

We have adopted a customer centric lens to understand the needs of our customers. Our three mottos reflect our core values & form the basis of our mission statement which is:



It is always our sincere efforts to provide best quality products across all categories.

Customer Satisfaction

Our concern for our customers is not limited to quality and satisfaction, We guarantee 100% Satisfaction.


Bringing NEW & BETTER products for our esteemed customer is what we do every day at our work.


We worship God from the ancient times and the worship is closely related to holiness & cleanliness as well. Cleanliness comprises of bathing and washing of clothes. We are serving in field of washing now a days but the day is not far when we would serve in the field of bathing products too.


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